Sports Bar Social manages social postings exclusively for the Sports Bar Trade!

Feeling Lost with Social Media?

Navigating social media can be confusing and a full time job!
But there is no denying that Social media marketing continues to grow and is one of the most powerful tools for any business to use.

If you build up your fans, likes, followers and more on social media (we can do this for you) you'll have a captive and targeted audience that you can speak to anytime you want with just a click of a button.

That is exactly what is all about!

We can help you begin to build a relationship with your customers that enhances your brand, brings in their friends and family, and most importantly we help you MAINTAIN and PROSPER from these relationships!

Why You Need Help!

Many Sports Bars simply lack the experience of working deeply within the social media platforms and do not understand how to maximizing the full functionality they provide.

Most Sports Bars lack a strategy and structure for which to govern the everyday activities of their social efforts and how to tie it in with building their customer base profitably.

Sports Bar Social has created a unique and completely proprietary social media strategy consulting program. Planned daily social media contact with your customer, combined with social media training can help your company better leverage and strategically utilize social media for marketing, sales, catering development, customer service, reputation management, and crisis management.

To sum it up simply, you can not ignore Social Media in your business any longer!

Key to Success is…

The KEY to your success with social media is consistency!

Bar and Restaurant owners rarely have the time to manage their social media presence daily. They usually start off strong with a well intended commitment to manage it daily, but quickly find themselves drifting away from the daily postings. There's always one crisis after the next to steal away their free time.

Sports Bar Social will keep your social media presence on an even keel, posting what matters to Sports Bar patrons: What's on the big screen and what are today's specials!

By posting to your customers every day YOU become the go-to place for sports content they can count on!

For just a fraction of the cost of a full time server, your business can have a full time Social Media manager! Use the contact form below to find out more!

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